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About us


PICKNWEIGHT is based on the idea of selling unique vintage & secondhand clothes by the kilo. A varied range of one-off items and accessories from past decades is a key element of our store concept and can be found in PICKNWEIGHT stores in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and London. 

What could be better than owning an item of clothing that no one else is wearing apart from you?

In recent years, an ever larger community of consumers has formed that has a strong awareness of sustainability issues. The pursuit of individuality also plays a major role. The dominance of cheap chain stores offering identical products means individuality is becoming increasingly rare. 

PICKNWEIGHT offers a wide selection of high-quality vintage goods that are unique. After its beginning as a fashion retailer, it has now become the go-to provider of second-hand clothing and accessories in Germany. Rare pieces from all over the world and detailed knowledge of this specific field will continue to be the crucial factors that help to set the company apart from its competitors.